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So you want to write a post. Great! Read over these guidelines, and when you’re ready, submit here.

TL;DR: Be reasonable.

I. Content

“Dear HISD” is a blog by students and for students about school and education policy. Since you already have extreme familiarity with the educational system, you may write about anything you find relevant.

This blog will be read by students and staff alike. While we don’t expect every post to be positive, we do expect a certain degree of respect and pride in your writing. This is not a place to vent, but rather to express serious ideas. (We will accept rants if they are interesting and well-structured, but there’s a fine line between ranting and raging.)

II. Writing Style

The great thing about blogging is that there are practically no rules in terms of writing. This allows for writing that approximates speaking and therefore is more interesting to read. At the same time, keep your writing concise and avoid rambling. Don’t write solely to impress or to criticize; write to express your ideas.

Posts can be formatted as an essay, a list, interview, chat conversation, or anything that you think other people would want to read and that pertains to education. As a general rule of thumb, shorter paragraphs are easier to read on a computer screen. DO NOT SEND IN A FIVE PARAGRAPH ESSAY.

We suggest that you include a picture along with your post. We understand that this may be difficult when talking about abstract topics like education, but visuals make a piece more appealing and help break up the text.

III. The Writing Process

When you submit a post, one of the editors will look over the post and make edits, and send back an edited version within 48 hours via email and/or a text reminder. This is your chance to make any final corrections. 24 hours later, we will post your article. If you find any mistakes later on, let us know, and we’ll change it.

In short:

1) You submit via this form.

2) Within 48 hours, an editor uploads your piece to Google Docs and makes edits.

3) We send an email to you with the corrected piece

4) We post  to the site.

5) We email you with a link to your article.

6) You submit again!

IV. Other Stuff

Writing a post is hard. We get it. Expressing all your thoughts in one go requires a rigorous thought process, and blogging is probably different from any writing you’ve done in school so far, but it’s more real-life. (sorry English teachers) However,writing will force you to think through your thoughts on education and express your thoughts to the Internet. Even if this sounds scary, it’s extremely rewarding, and we hope you decide to contribute to “Dear HISD”.


We reserve the right to filter any submissions that do not meet these guidelines.

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