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Pierre Davison, Furr High School, 2016

On September 15, 2015 Tuesday morning, a very heartbreaking tragedy happened at my school. Two very young and intelligent girls by the names of Janecia Chatman and Mariya Johnson lost their lives on a HISD school bus.

I want to push a new safety feature on school buses: SEAT BELTS. As we can see, safety is not guaranteed, even on a school bus. Furr High School sadly had to be an example of what could have been prevented.

Seat belts are also a great thing to have. Although, yes, most accidents happen if you’re wearing a seat belt, there is a lesser chance that someone could be killed.

What we should learn from the events that happened is that there should be a safer way to be on a bus. That a parent should have some kind of peace of mind to say “Have a nice day at school sweetheart!” without having in the back of their mind a horrific thought that there is a possibility my son/daughter might be in a accident today. Now saying this, I know that HISD cannot prevent motor vehicle accidents, but they certainly can lower the chance of people getting hurt or worse.

I hope you take this letter into consideration to push a bill to put seat belts on all HISD School Buses.



Pierre Davison


Proud Furr HS Student

3 comments on “BUCKLE UP!!!

  1. Aaron
    September 22, 2015

    There actually was seat belts on this specific bus according to HISD but as usual if they are provided, no students actually use them in my past experiences.

  2. Lizi Xiong
    September 22, 2015

    First off, my condolences. I have reached out to my friends at Furr for our heartbreaking loss.

    It’s been argued that seat belts on school buses are actually more hazardous than safe. In the event of a fire, students have a much more difficult time unstrapping. These precious milliseconds lost might be the determining factor between serious burns or death.

    I believe that distracted driving was the cause of this tragedy. The driver thought “another car drifted in her lane.” If said car had, the driver was most likely not directing his or her full attention to the road. It’s highly probable that said driver was texting, eating, or calling.

    Distracted driving goes beyond students; we must raise awareness and we must push for legislation to mandate a distracted driving course yearly. Distracted driving IS 100% preventable. This “accident” might be one of the first due to the rise in distracted driving and “multi-tasking.”

    Again, my condolences. We are mourning together.

  3. Deborah Hall
    September 22, 2015

    You guys are so creative. Maybe you can come up with a campaign to get students to wear seat belts on school busses.

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