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StuCon Radio: Summer Homework, Episode 8


The eighth episode of StuCon Radio aired on 7/30/15 on 90.1 FM KPFT.

Isabella Jarosz (HSPVA, 2017) invites Danielle Trayano (HSPVA 2017), Drew Dawson (Carnegie 2017), Lizi Xiong (Bellaire 2017), and Uyiosa Elegon (Debakey 2015) to talk about summer assignments, including whether or not the additional work helped to prepare them for the year.

Host: Isabella Jarosz

Guests: Danielle Trayano, Drew Dawson, Lizi Xiong, Uyiosa Elegon

Producer: Isabella Jarosz


One comment on “StuCon Radio: Summer Homework, Episode 8

  1. ted weisgal
    August 29, 2015

    These students are brilliant. That is obvious by their use of vocabulary and the topics they were addressing. Their voices were clear; the production was outstanding. Unfortunately, this program from start to finish was the weakest of the five I’ve heard. The introduction said this was the Student Council Radio instead of Stu Con Radio. The host didn’t introduce herself. After initially telling us who the guests were, we did not hear their last names again. For people who tuned in late, they were in the dark. Some students said they didn’t like certain books but were neither asked nor told us why. We heard about five snapshots about different regions of the world but we didn’t have the privilege of hearing a snapshot. Regarding Catcher in the Rye, Danielle told us she didn’t like the book but didn’t tell us why. At the end of the program, we were told that they would be back in two weeks but the topic of the next show was never given. Too many things were glossed over.

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