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Goodbye HISD

 Photograph: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Photograph: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Astrid Herrera, Westside, 2015

Dear HISD,

This is my last year in high school. Through it all, I have experienced success, failure, commitment, stress, friendships, love, trust, obedience, and reflecting upon all these, I have found myself. High school is “where students find a place in this teenage world”. We learn about success by scoring goals in a game or by passing a difficult exam. We learn that failure leads to absolutely nothing, and it’s a way for us to grow up and face the consequences of our actions. Commitment hits us hard when we know that we have to study for an exam, or that we have responsibilities as students to come to school every single day, and try our hardest to graduate.

Through all these experiences, especially becoming a senior, stress has become part of my daily routine. Not because I want it to be, but because it is inevitable when you have numerous responsibilities every day. Most students would agree with me that high school is the place where you figure out who is really your friend. Trust develops stronger than ever before, and we learn to put aside those people that are taking a path different than our own.

I have a handful of friends that I can trust. People have changed dramatically in many ways that I wish weren’t true. Suddenly the innocent quiet people have turned into rebels, and the rebels have learned their lesson and are trying to better themselves. In the hallways, I see some of the friends that I had in elementary and middle school, and it hits me hard to see some of them pregnant or hanging out with the wrong crowds. High school is nothing like it’s depicted in movies like High School Musical… in fact it’s more like The Breakfast Club.

Being my last year, I want to take the time to thank the Houston Independent School District for giving me the opportunity to study for free in this wonderful city. Thank you for the faculty in the schools, including the wonderful teachers, police officers, lunch providers, and principals. I am thankful for having the chance to prove to myself that I could make it. Even when I didn’t speak English back in fourth grade, I had the dream of graduating high school and attending college. I want to thank Westside High School, a magnificent high school full of spirit, opportunities, and help for all students at all times. No matter what, my teachers always encouraged and supported me throughout my high school career- because they believed in me and because I believed in myself. I have made wonderful friendships and connections with people I expect to visit in the future- whether this is while in college or maybe when I become an entrepreneur.

I came to HISD in 2007 as a foreigner from Colombia and didn’t speak English or know anything about American culture. Today, I am a Wolf from Westside High School, and I will graduate with honors in a few months before attending The University of Texas at San Antonio. I have come far, but I know that I still have a long way to go. I just want to look back on this blog some day in 10 years or more, and remember these wonderful years that I shared with friends, teachers, and staff.

This is not the end; this is only the beginning of my life.

Thank you,

Astrid C. Herrera

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