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Student Athletes Need More Nutritious Lunches

Photo by Jessica DeBoe, HSPVA 2017

Photo by Jessica DeBoe, HSPVA 2017

Anonymous, 2016

Dear HISD,

The food provided for us on a daily basis is not sufficient enough for any student athlete who cares enough  about his health to have a healthy diet. The food provided for us is high in sugar and carbohydrates while low in protein.  Protein gives the consumer more energy and leaves them fuller. Our bodies also burn it more efficiently.

I believe the option of a healthier meal should be made available. Along with this matter, the food could be fresher. Our school serves a thin piece of chicken covered in fried batter, which serves no nutritional value, or a slice of pizza, which doesn’t even sound healthy, as it is just bread and cheese. Where is the nutrition? Cereal is not a healthy option either. It’s mainly processed sugar. All these unsatisfying foods leave  students hungry and unsatisfied,disrupting their ability to learn.

Lunch is even worse. We only have three choices: a sandwich, nachos or a taco, or a burger, pizza, or other American food,  none of which are nutritionally efficient for the student, especially for a student athlete. Therefore, there should be healthier options.


One comment on “Student Athletes Need More Nutritious Lunches

  1. HISD Nutrition Services
    April 21, 2015

    Thanks for your feedback regarding the school lunch menus. The menus are analyzed every week to ensure they meet strict nutritional requirements set by the USDA. These regulations require that a high school lunch must stay within 750-850 calories, be under 10% saturated fat, zero grams trans-fat, and 1420mg of sodium. In addition to this, there are meat/meat alternate, grain, fruit, vegetable and milk requirements that must be followed.

    In addition to following these regulations, we also want to make sure we are providing foods that the students will enjoy. A group from Nutrition Services, including the dietitian, will be visiting HSPVA to gain feedback from the students to help improve school menus. Again, thanks for your honest feedback.

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