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The Cafeteria Fights Back!


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Pierre Davison, Furr, 2016

Dear HISD,

There has been an ongoing problem at Furr High School: Our lunch food does not satisfy us enough to last throughout the day.

One of the many problems is the quality of the food. Some students find their food to be cold, tasteless, or even with ingredients that do not belong, such as hair particles. One of the many Furr students said and I quote “ It taste like more than tofu than chicken”.

In the spring semester of 2014, our school introduced a sandwich line. The sandwich line consisted of two types of bread (sub and regular loaf), three types of meat (turkey, ham, and bologna), and three fixings (peppers, lettuce, and pickles). At first, it seemed promising, but it isn’t as satisfactory as they originally made it out to be.

By the third month of the sandwich line being fully functional, the quality of the food started to degrade. While we used to be able to choose among three different meats, now we can only choose one, and the only fixings available are pickles.

This situation has been going on for years, and I believe that it needs to be dealt with in a swift and professional way. My school needs to take this in consideration and then to do something about it–not just say it but mean it. Whether they know it or not, it is affecting students in so many different ways. I just want to be heard.


Pierre Davison

3 comments on “The Cafeteria Fights Back!

  1. Chondrea Matthews
    March 15, 2015

    This article makes a valid point and it seems to be an issue across the board. Mr. Pierre stated that this is not only his opinion but his peers are concerned about this issue. We parents pay enough taxes to have this issue addressed asap.

  2. HISD Nutrition Services
    April 1, 2015

    On March 27, Nutrition Services Operations Managers Keith Lewis and Odell Warren visited with Dr. Simmons, Principal of Furr High School, to communicate that our students are receiving a variety of healthy nutritious foods daily. After reviewing our menu options and talking with Dr. Simmons, we will be scheduling a student round table to address any concerns that our students may have and communicate that our mission is to assist in improving lives with our healthy nutritious meals. We appreciate students bringing forward their issues and concerns so we can appropriately address them. Thank you HISD Student Congress.

    • Outreach
      April 2, 2015

      This is great to hear. Thanks for listening to us!

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