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The Hubbub about the HUB


Photo illustration by Kate Ham, HSPVA, 2016

Daniel Perez, Austin High School, 2018

Top 3 reasons I DON’T like the HUB*

1) It’s very unorganized

There is a lot of information on one page, and it’s terribly confusing. Students often get lost on their own profile. It would be better if students and teachers had an easier, more organized way of using the site so they could understand it.

2) It is only compatible with Internet Explorer

My classmates and I have tried numerous times to open the HUB with the Google Chrome browser but had no luck. Even our school technician failed to fix the problem.

3) It crashes too often

Just the other day, the HUB erased everything from one of my friends’ pages, and still she can’t access it. This has happened to many students, including myself. Often times, the system does not work. Teachers will not be able to rely on the HUB if it has so many problems.

Top 3 reasons I DO like the HUB

1) Full lesson plans for the class and/or lecture

With lesson plans now up for students to read over, it can be more engaging and effective because students now know what is expected of them. Some people may argue, “Isn’t that why the objective is on the board?” but the objective only states what the student will be doing and is only a broad sentence with the lesson number.

2) Past lessons are online all year

All year long, past lessons and assignments are still accessible. The grades given on specific assignments, even if they are past due, are still accessible and completable.

3) Seeing classes even if you don’t have them yet

On the HUB, you can see your second semester classes, even during the first semester. Knowing your planned classes is a lot better than waiting blindly for your new schedule and helps you better prepare for your classes and schoolwork.

*In case you didn’t know, the HUB is a part of HISD’s PowerUp initiative and is the district’s plan to have an electronic interface connecting students, teachers, and parents. While 48 selected HISD schools are pilot schools to test out the program this school year, starting in 2015-2016 HISD plans to have the HUB in all district schools.

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