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One Child Left Behind

Arthur J. Smith III, Wheatley, 2015

This was a speech delivered at the February 21st HISD Board Meeting to the board trustees and Superintendent Grier. You can watch the full speech here. (Hearing of Citizens: 12:29-15:00)

Hey, how everybody doing? My name is Arthur J. Smith, III. I’m 17 years old. I’m a senior student at Phillis Wheatley High School and I’m a part of the Student Congress. One of my favorite things to hear as a little child watching T. V. was the HISD commercial that came on saying the famous phrase “No Child Left Behind.” I liked it because I thought it meant you all would help every child do their best in school, including in life and I was willing to help in any way I could, but I never thought that I would be the child left behind.

It’s not because my parents wasn’t hard working because they are always hard working. But because of the individuals at HISD who have stolen my hopes and dreams by stopping my Mom and Dad from being able to provide for me at their very best. Shutting down my Mom and Dad from doing business through HISD with their t-shirt company, stealing their design, making money with it, while we make nothing, knowing they don’t own it and stopping my parents from being able to inspire HISD students with their t-shirts like they have been doing even before I was born. My Mom and Dad did no wrong, but wrong was done to them and it just don’t affect them, it affects me too.

There are some who take your love and emotions for granted, thinking that just because they conversate with and about you and your family, that you’re not left behind. Well, homeless people are talked about every day, yet they are still homeless, just like I have been since the age of 14.

I went from living in a stable home with my own bedroom to living in the back of our store (that we eventually lost), living in our truck (without air nor heat), using the restroom in cups, using bottles of water to wash my face and brush my teeth, weight loss, from stressing and not having anything to eat all the time, suicidal emotions and thoughts, damaged careers of my Dad as a CEO, me as an up and coming Gospel artist, and my Mom’s legendary image being seen worldwide daily since back in 1995 on Bet and MTV up until now being damaged by the ones who are responsible for my damaged mind, body, spirit, which is HISD.

I am a Houston ISD student and no one at the district cares even though they know my family have been done wrong by HISD. Everybody is so focused on my Mom and Dad, they forgot about me.

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