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Unpopular Opinions: School Gratitude


Sara Ho, Bellaire, 2016

Thanksgiving has already come and gone, but I think it’s important to always be grateful. One of the many things in my life that I am grateful for is the American school system.

I know. We students get bored. We get tired of being forced to attend school. Sometimes it seems pointless to go every single day. But actually, we are very lucky. We are able to go to school and learn freely. We aren’t limited by an oppressive government or any crazed beliefs people try to impose on us (well, for the most part). Both genders and all races have the right to go to school. We all have the chance and the opportunity to make something of ourselves.

One of the great things about education is than it allows you to make something out of nothing. A student doesn’t need anything to start but the motivation to learn. Education keeps away poverty, inequality, ignorance, and being educated opens up a whole slew of opportunities for a better life. I am thankful for that.

While it may sound like I’m nerding out, I enjoy learning. I want to learn more about the world and how it works. I don’t want to be left in the dark because I want to make my own informed decisions. School gives me access to more resources: people wiser and smarter than me, books, and sources of motivation and competition.

Although Bellaire can be criticized, I think it’s great. I’ve met so many people, and I have been challenged there. It may just be high school, but I will forever value my experience there. I don’t believe my feelings about school are unique. There are other students across HISD who enjoy their time at school as well. Even if you dislike school, aren’t you thankful that you have this opportunity?

Yes, the American school system sucks in many ways, but it’s still beneficial to us. It could be worse, but we still have time to improve the system. We have the ability to make a difference as the young and upcoming generation, and I am thankful for what we have. So, thanks HISD for providing me with an education.

What do you think about school?

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