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We’re not even Benchwarmers: A Case for Sports at Magnet Schools


Andrea Jaime, High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, 2016

As a student in a full magnet high school, we are not privileged to have school sports. Reason being? Lack of finances and little effort to support the students’ ideas.

My school, the High School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, claims that it does not have enough money to have sports and suggests that students play sports at their zoned school if they attend LECJ. While this seems like a fine solution, it has many complications.

Students like me are too busy with other clubs or homework to have time to go to their zoned school for practice. And even if you did have time, there are often scheduling conflicts. At my school, you will need to leave school early every day in order to make it to practice at your zoned school on time. This means that two class periods in your schedule would have to be devoted to athletics. If those classes cannot be added to your schedule, you will have to leave school and miss class instruction in order to attend practice. This could have a detrimental effect on grades, all because sports are not implemented in our school.

Sad to say, students end up leaving my school every year because they feel the need to be in a school environment that gives them the opportunity to be active. Nevertheless, students should not be deprived of participating in sports in their school. Yes, my school focuses on law enforcement, criminal justice and a newly added firefighter career side, but students will be going through physical tests for these careers.This wouldn’t be a problem if students were already physically fit by the sports at school.

With this said,while other high school students will playing sports without worries, HSLECJ students will be warming up the benches with only their dreams.

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