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A Healthy Change

Photo by Jessica DeBoe, HSPVA 2017

Photo by Jessica DeBoe, HSPVA 2017

Jasmine Hassan, HAIS, 2016

Dear HISD,

I have attended HISD since I started going to school. When I was younger, the cafeteria food was much better than it is today. The food we receive at our high school is sometimes questionable and often overcooked or undercooked.

Food handling and preparation is a big concern to the students at our school. A traumatizing memory was when hamburgers were first being served. At first, the meat looked dark and cooked, but once I took a bite, it felt chewy and appeared pink. The safety of our students comes first and food preparation is crucial to getting more students to eat a healthy meal.

Another factor is variety. For the past few weeks, we seem to be getting the same dessert every day, and to me, it’s like eating leftovers. Our first lady Michelle Obama implemented a “healthier choices” menu, but the decreasing popularity of school lunches and the notion that the way the food is handled overrides that idea.

However, if we could have a sandwich station implemented like other schools in the district such as Debakey and HSPVA, it would give me the opportunity to pay for a healthy and safe lunch. The sandwich making station is easy, has a fresh selection of vegetables and poultry, and gives us a variety of options for our entree. Another bonus of the sandwich station is that our food is served warm. There is less food waste when there are intriguing choices.

In conclusion, a sandwich station would be a fresh new start to our school lunches. Thank you for your time.




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